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My Face - Twenty-five day span

spironolactone azythromycin skin picking clarisonic obagi clenziderm

My Face - Twenty-five day span

I'm on my 7th dermatologist and from the looks of things, I would say that my terrible hormonal acne (which was made worse looking due to my inability to stop picking) has slowed way down.

To the blemish-free person, my skin probably still looks terrible but I am pretty pleased with how things are going.  I feel dried out and have to drink a lot of water but it's an easy trade off.
DON'T GIVE UP!  At 48 1/2, I have finally found a combination that works for me:  Spironolactone, Azythromycin, Clarisonic, Clenziderm and Bare Escentuals make-up.  

My apologies for the typo on the date.

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