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IMG 20130309 133326

IMG 20130309 133326

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    best of luck to u man, ive seen worse. Post some positive results when they come

    hell yea ....im into punk rock and shit soo it kinda just looks more natural and goes with my look.....none of this pussy wash your face bs....lol


    I came across your profile, because I was trying to figure out how to upload pictures on here, and your post about how to upload pictures came up.  lol


    I'm using my facebook account, but how did you put up pictures?


    Anyways, you are still a beautiful person, and your acne didn't phase me.  Good luck to you! 

    umm for me i uploaded them from the offical website instead of the mobile on my phone .......and thanks youre very kind.

    oh wow I didn't even know you responded. lol 

    I never got a notification? eh...


    I still haven't figured out how to add pictures to my gallery. hahaaaa.   I hate technology!


    :)    If you ever want to talk, I'm always down for a good convo!  In fact I added a few people from here on facebook.  So good to talk to others who go through the same things!

    aha yeah ..its sux..but its whayever .lol i broke down like a little girl the other day....but its ok aha...im ok now....but yeah i made an actual account..not using the facebook ....yeah technology sux sometimes

    hey dude, so how's you acne going now? are u into sports/physical activities? u know it doesnt clear your acne right away but it'll help you manage your stress and release good hormones for better feeling. anyways, i'm very glad that ur still going outside and socialize with people. I know exactly how it feels. Just be strong. Acne doesnt define you.