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Me and two of my boys - Both were Graduating from Army Basic Combat Training!

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This picture was taken before starting the regimen. My face may look clear but my chin is extremely swollen due to a LOT of cystic acne getting ready to surface. I do have some cystic acne spots near my mouth that were erupted- but used concealer to try and hide it. Also, I have a lot baby acne on my forehead which doesn't show up in the picture (which is why I wore my hat a lot). You can see how oily and shiney my face is. This was taken early in the morning- AFTER I had washed my face.

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I know I'm 20 pounds heavier in this picture than I am now...but my chin area being swollen (in this pic) is the acne and not weight! I ate a LOT while the boys were away in basic training..and didn't get out much because I was so busy writing them letters and waiting for phone calls! :)

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