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my left over red face :(

red face

my left over red face :(

after years of taking acne tablets and loads of differnt creams, as well as accutane! this is how damn horrid red face, trust me it looks worse then this picture...

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    I would just be super happy, you've got no more acne. I'd do anything to have no acne. A red face big deal.

    I think your skin looks great!

    Hey Looks like you have Staph infection, You need to check analyze from nose. My face was red too in past, treated with Bactroban (Bactrim 2%) and antibiotics.

    If you don't mind going to LUSH (it's a cosmetics store) they have a few options for cleansers specifically for redness.. there's one called Fresh Pharmacy. I like that one it has chamomile to calm down the redness and it would be good for you because you're a guy and it isn't scented or girly looking. If you go there and ask for a sample you can take home a mini bar for free will last you a few weeks. &your redness doesn't look as bad as you think it does - you look great, we're our own worst enemies sometimes.   Jessica