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february 2013


I just got excited and thought I'd acne.org it, after starting antibiotics (mostly orally, doxy) and not as often clindamycin, I am suprised at the difference. I tried Yaz for a month and ended up depressed and stopped using it. In between, I tried turmeric masks and they got all over and aztec masks mixed with ACV - can't say it helped but can't say it hurt. I did four glycolic peels 40% and I will do jessner peels when I can handle it  (I did a practice 1 minute 1 layer, I think it's intense and I need to work my way up). I am about to start my downtime from peels and I will be using acne stop toner (5% lactic, 10% salicylic) so maybe that'll prep me for the jenner peels a bit. I can't wait to see how things look in June. My grandma mentioned a derm, I guess I'll be looking into that and some scar treatments for the future. YAY.

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    Wow massive improvement what have you been doing?

    Thanks, glad someone notices! (My family seems totally oblivious to it!)

    -Everyday I take 100 mg of doxycycline. (I have no insurance and no refills on it, so that may end up being Clyndamycin Phosphate Lotion soon.)

    - I wash my face once or twice a day with the generic version of Johnson's Head to Toe. (it is soap & dye free.) Lately it's been a organic aloe juice and tea tree cleanser,

    - I was moisturizing with olay and jojoba, but now I have emu oil.

    - Acne.Org's treatment on the stubborn spots, but I'm thinking I'll need a couple cortizone injections.

    - December - January I did a bentonite clay and ACV mask every 5 days.

    - January I did 40% Glycolic Acid Peels a week apart.

    - Microdermabrasion Crystals mixed with my mild cleanser when skin was flaky.

    - Milk of Magnesia and Monistat Chafing Gel underneath powder, blush, and bronzer.

    doxy is so dang expensive, eh? looks like you are coming along really well!