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acne chin moderate severe benzoyl peroxide clean and clear epiduo topical help hurts

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Hi so... this is before and after I started using clean and clear 3 steps acne control with benzoyl peroxide... As you can see, it has clearly made my skin worse. I get a new deep pimple every week or so + all other ugly ones like white heats and just bumps that would sit there that are now just bursting out. 
I used to use EPIDUO gel but then I stopped because my skin didnt look as clear in the beginning and I didnt want to have to use it my entire life... so i slowly discontinued it. However, it was a slow process but slowly littly bumps started resurfacing and BAM now look at me! Ive never had a breakout this bad in my life...... ever.
What type of acne is this? severe, mild or moderate?

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    i also have that kind of acne breakout, and worst than yours, i have this since dec 2012 and as day goes by it gets worst and now my entire chin is now full of bumps and zits..but thank God little by little it started to dry by itself, my advise would be refrain using those products,or use it alternately... coz benzoyl peroxyde, can irritate acnes, just keep ur face dry,oil free.... never keep your hair off ur face 

    senpiakong: Thats bullshit mg! 

    Here are some advices :) 
    1) eat healthy
    2) try deotx your body (fresh raw food, neatle tea, psyllium)
    3) use high quality cosmetics products (i can reccomend BIODERMA)
    4) wahs your entire face twice a day and use a moisturizer
    5) if it is necessary use BP but just in a lower % every day 

    6) dont be upset of it and keep smilin

    I have a fringe and i dont have any acne on my forehead ;)