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Before Accutane

Before Accutane

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    i am the one on the left, i also have makeup on in this picture and it shoes through my acne, also was my prom night what upsets me that it was so bad at a important time :(

    i think your adorable

    I have the same acne as you, maybe you can share your experience with me with accutane. I have suffered from cycstic acne on my chin and forehead, (mostly my chin) looks just like yours. I think mine is hormonal. I started birth control almost 2 months ago. and been on numerous antibiotics, it's still not getting better so my last resort is accutan, going to the derm tomorrow to set everything up and I am scared shitless. I am 23 years old. maybe you can let me know how you are doing with it! ;) i hope it works!