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photo 1b

photo 1b

Front of face - doesn't look too bad from this angle

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    Your skin looks incredible compared to a lot of us here! 0_0

    May i ask what Regime you are on?
    Your skin looks really good! I wish my skin was like yours !
    Thanks so much ladies. I do realize it is a fairly mild case. I'm getting married in May and just want to look my best. My skin is s unpredictable (some weeks are better than this, some are worse), and I'd like to try and get a more consistently clear complexion. I'm on day 4 of the DKR (this picture was taken on day 1). Prior to this I used an all-natural regime consisting of a honey face wash and organic Argan oil as a moisturizer. I've left the Argan oil in my regimen, as it has honestly been the most amazing product I've ever used. It brought my skin from a very reactive, sensitive, and unstable condition to a balanced (though still breakout-prone) complexion. Good luck to you both!