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Nov 18 2012. Day1

Nov 18 2012. Day1

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    ouch, what are you doing so far to try and combat this?
    This is a late upload haha! This was taken on november but ar that time I always stress out coz of so many homeworks and I didn't wash my face oftenly that's why it did worse. But now its a little better now than this :) as of now I wash my face using neutrogena oil-free acne wash and then I put egyptian magic. Its like a cream and it says that it actually do magic. And i hope it works :) but i'll go see a detmatologist soon to ask for medications
    I hope you find something soon. I've been dealing with acne since I was 14 and now I'm 30. I went to another dermatologist today and he finally said the magic Word that I've been wanting to hear from so many different Derms now "Spironolactone". Ive heard it's the magic pill with women that has hormonal acne which is me. Hope this is my last stop to finally finding healthy beautiful skin. Since you are a guy I don't think Spironolactone will work for you. But Accutane is one of the other last results that you can try. Have you tried anything antibiotics? Well I hope you find something. Good luck.
    Your acne is very similar to other men in my family. Try checking out the books in my gallery and the links on my profile page instead of going to a dermatologist first. Best of luck!!! ^_^
    thanks for the advices guys.. :) I'm kinda worried about accutane because it says that it has so many side effects after taking. Is it really safe?
    im on week 5. so far i have had no side effects, just slightly drier lips then usual.. but thats what lip balm is for!! i think i can deal with some dry skin to get rid of this shit haha
    well if the derma's medicines won't work, i will really take the risk. Accutane. But how much will it cost? or we can I buy it?
    I had acne like that. Diet is a BIG part of acne. Try cutting out diary, sugar. And detox, detox, detox. When I say detox, like do detox drink repices. My acne is so much better. Improve your diet=improved acne!!
    My face looked very similar to yours! Check out my gallery to see ! I use the Regimen form this site and it got me clear in about two months! Message me for details or any questions that you may have :) I am glad to help.
    Feel free to go look at my Scar Gallery. After years of suffering I found what was causing my cytic acne..

    I would look at the same factors in your situation. Here are the factors that lead to my acne.

    1) Diet- If I consume any type of Diary product(Milk, Ice Cream, Cheese, Yogurt, etc) I would break out with cystic acne. In specific on my back and chest and cheeks.
    2) Sugars- Conumption of procesed sugars(Soda, Candy, Baked Goods, Fruit juices, etc). This would make me break all over my body.

    Private Message if you would like to talk. I would like to help you.