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My Acne What is it? Hormonal?

acne mild moderate severe scar scarring hormonal

My Acne What is it? Hormonal?

Please I need Help! Please refer to my post about my case of acne suffering. Its taking over my life. :/

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    Feel free to go look at my Scar Gallery. After years of suffering I found what was causing my cytic acne..

    I would look at the same factors in your situation. Here are the factors that lead to my acne.

    1) Diet- If I consume any type of Diary product(Milk, Ice Cream, Cheese, Yogurt, etc) I would break out with cystic acne. In specific on my back and chest and cheeks.
    2) Sugars- Conumption of procesed sugars(Soda, Candy, Baked Goods, Fruit juices, etc). This would make me break all over my body.

    Private Message if you would like to talk. I would like to help you.

    Hi there i know what you're going through ! My skin was pretty much flawless until last summer when i suddenly started getting bad acne. My acne was somewhat similar to yours and i'm 100% sure it was hormonal. I started taking diane 35/dianette and after 4 months my skin has improved a lot. What's bothering me mostly is the scarring.. If you don't mind taking bc pills i think it would be a great  help !