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Time Lapse of The Regimen

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Time Lapse of The Regimen

The first picture to your left was the first day I started Dan Kern's, The Regimen July 14, 2012. The middle was taken December 7, 2012. And the picture to the right was taken today, December 27, 2012. As you can see there is a pretty big difference!! I had 60 blood pimples (there is actually one that is bleeding of the first pic, eww!) and in two months of committing myself to the regimen, I was finally clear. I look like a human now:P I have also been using 40 and 50% glycolic peel at home to work on my spots, holes, indents, and scars. They are wonderful! If you have any questions, feel free to message me and ask away Posted Image

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    Now all you're waiting for is your red spots to go away!

    Sorry to say this, but they will take the longest... many, many months.
    Wow you are amazing I love you, your passion and dedication. This journey is a stuggle i wish i had the same courage as you to post the pictures on the internet of my face when my acne was terrible, my journey to clear skin could have helped as many people as you are helping now. Happy New Year!!!
    WOW WOW WOW!! SO amazing. I have hope!! yay. Thanks so much for posting.
    You look great! Congrats on your results!

    i wanna ask about the dossage of 40 and 50% glycolic peel  is you use it once a week or everyday? thankyou^^

    so happy to see your acne go away, wish i'll have that great progress too

    Hi!!! I just wanted to say, I've been back to check up on you and I'm SO happy this is working out! You're a beautiful person and deserve nothing but the best :)

    I would love to know more about your at home peels but i cant figure out how to message you! Your face looks great