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My face as soon November 28, 2012.

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My face as soon November 28, 2012.

Hello all of acne.org who have followed me through my journey on the acne.org regimen. Quick overview. Began DKR July 14, 2012 with about 60 blood pimples. Two and a half months later I had ZERO!!! I am currently using 40% glycolic peels at home and they have helped me with scarring, spots, holes, indents, icepicks, complexion, and pretty much everything you can think of Posted Image

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    crazy improvement !!

    Its always great to see people succeed who have helped and inspired others along the way :)
    Looking great, girl!
    AMazeballs! I think I am going to get started too...will be messaging you for help!
    I'm so happy we did this and both got incredible results!!! Your skin looks AMAZING and I couldn't be happier for you! Thank you for all the support these last few months, I couldn't have done it without you!! - Clara
    Wow such a big difference!! My skin is clearing up too thankfully, but your skin is clearing up like 3 times faster haha. Next summer I'm gonna start the regimen, what I'm using right now is working exactly like it did 2 years ago, if history repeats itself then when summer starts it'll work less and less so that's probably when I'm going to switch to the regimen, how much faster do you think the AHA moisturizer and the AHA peels cleared you up, rather than if you had just used regular moisturizer at night and no AHA at all?
    You have been so positive all the way through XD well done really thrilled for you, you deserve it!
    u show definate improvement. definatly jelous that you have found something that works..What regimen you on again?

    You're cute. What has worked for you?