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My skin was completely clear except for a couple of blemishes on my left cheek before the 16/11/12.
See my blog entry for some background information.

5 days after starting Retin-A (tretinoin 0.05%) again, I broke out.

Other pictures from the album


    the thing about retinoids like retin a are they are irritating to the skin and you kind of have to ween your way into them i.e. taking it slowly once every 3 days, then 2 etc.

    For many people it tends to break them out first and clear afterwards.

    It does take a while to see results and can be a rough time.

    keep your head up ;)
    Thanks, man. I actually stopped for a couple days and the irritation subsided. I'll probably stick to using it every 3 days from here on out.