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Other pictures from the album

    Looks like you got sunburn
    yeah i know.
    You are very brave to post photos of yourself - it is not something I could have done
    years ago when my acne was at its worst. The acne that you currently have is only temporary and it will not last forever. However, as other people have commented, you are an extremely pretty girl with great features and no amount of acne can take that away. Hopefully, you will be able to see that for yourself one day.
    aw thanks gunnke :) i hope. I hope I make other feel better by knowing they aren't alone.
    Sun burn? No you don't. Just looks like you're blushing to me :) At all these people telling you the truth at how awesome you are.
    Your T-zone is clear as mine is, only my cheeks flare mainly and the sides of my chin & derma tox natural skin renewal spray aids so much in healing I really reccomend trying it please! just type in dermatox healthy habbits into google! (: its awesome
    Beautiful hun.

    Where are pimples???

    You are beautiful <3