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10/5/2012 Over One Year Later...

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10/5/2012 Over One Year Later...

Over one year later, and I'm still excited about how well avoiding certain foods (for me, tomato, avocado, grapefruit, safflower oil, cola, pumpkin + nightshades) and taking birth control has improved my complexion. I feel comfortable enough about my skin's resiliency to actually wear make-up now... thus the picture with make-up (eye shadow, eye liner, and lip color). For the record, I wash my face only once a day now, and I have been doing so for the most since over a year ago. It's funny, because I washed my face twice a day when my acne was really bad. My point is this--for people who think people have acne because their skin is "dirty"... GET A CLUE! One more thing! I use Wal-Mart face cleanser now! SO MUCH CHEAPER. Before, I would spend quite a bit of money on fancy products claiming to rid my face of acne (e.g. Sheseido, Proactiv, Murad, Aveda, etc.) Now I can spend $7 on a cleanser and $8 on a good SPF face lotion and call it a day! The point here is this (and a lot of you probably already know this)--expensive products, for the most part, claim to fix things that they can't fix, because the root of the problem is more than skin-deep!

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    You look great! I'm actually going to start birth control next week, a bit nervous about it. Did you get any side effects? I also want to do a 48 days without chocolate thing to see if thats a trigger of mine (i'm obsessed with chocolate lol)