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06.08.05, 15 weeks, right side

06.08.05, 15 weeks, right side

Washing my face with water - much cheaper, and the results are the same or even better than with the drying, irritating products I have been using. Takes a while to get used to, oily feeling skin in the shower, and dryish afterwards.

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    Hang in there, you're definitely on the way to total clearance!

    Ya know wat? Ancient ancestors of us peeps don't have the 'luxury' of face washes and creams and botox and wat not, but how do they cope? Esp with the long hours spent in the outdoors. They simply wash with water, and hydrate themselves with drinking water!!!

    Back to basics... when all else fail us.
    Yes water helps.

    But I strongly suggest you use facial wash at least several times a week. This way it will never irritate the skin but you get to clean the skin.
    natuerwild, ditto to that. i remember that there was once i tried going for 3 days without using ANY kinda products on my face, it was quiet, nice and no signs of any redness. but then it started to pop smallish whiteheads here and there and i figured i'd better start washing again, albeit using some gentler cleanser.
    biiiiiggg difference.. you look great