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Day 59 on The Regimen!

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Day 59 on The Regimen!

Hello Ance.org!!! Here is Day 59!!! Almost two full months!!! I have about 6 pimples all over my face at the moment, and I hope that by month three I will be completely clear Posted Image

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    So much Better ;D
    Fantastic improvements !!
    Nice Work!!!!! Once you're no longer breaking out you can focus on scarring.
    Oh wow! I almost cried! Truly awesome! So much better from 49 days too! You will be clear in three months maybe sooner! Your improvements seem to happen sooner and sooner as you go. You'll definitely reach your goal. :)
    Thank you everyone :) Love ya all!
    Great improvement! Im sure you'll be able to clear up soon.=))
    Your progress is inspiring! Beautiful my friend. May I ask if you take any supplements or follow a special diet? I have been on the regimen for 36 days...still have breakouts but my skin looks so much better than it use to
    seems to be doing wonders for you, Very happy for you, hope the progress continues :)
    Had a look at your pictures great progress you look beautfiul from youre avatar and im sure you are with acne but ull feel beautiful oncew its gone even more thats the main thing feeling beautful:)
    Great progress!

    It's a marathon, just gotta keep on keeping on!

    Really glad for you.