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Photo On 2012 08 31 At 21.50 #3

Photo On 2012 08 31 At 21.50 #3

I hate my life so much.

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    i have a lot of hyperpigmentation and scars on this side of my face.
    I'd recommend u either use Aloe Vera fresh from the plant, or mix apple cider vineger with lavender and tea tree oil and apply that to your skin. Both methods will help reduce the redness. However, Apple cider vinegar may irritate your skin depending on how much it does you should dilute it with water.
    k thank you

    i had acne like this for years. i feel your pain. the ONLY thing that ever helped me was the ASPIRIN MASK. i promise you that you will see results if you try it. Take 5 crushed aspirin and mix with calamine lotion.. (both at the dollar store) leave it on your face overnight, or for 20 minutes. and you will be clear in 2 weeks. use it 2-3 times a week and let me know what happens ! TRUST ME I WAS IN THE SAME PLACE AS YOU AND IM CLEAR NOW !

    thanks for the advice