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Day Twenty Two



Day Twenty Two

Please don't forget to READ MY FAQ's before asking me anything ---> http://www.acne.org/...t-day-and-faqs/

-No new development in acne yet...
-For some reason the acne has migrated under my chin/jaw.
-Spots still taking a LONG time to go away but at least they are more flat now.
-My bathroom trips have finally slowed down... so yeah, CHEW your food good.
-Oil is still gone and tightness/dryness in face is finally completely gone.
-Current acne is still throbbing (hidden under my jaw), but stopped hurting as much.
-Back and chest acne got worse a few days ago (forgot to mention), but finally flared down.
-Despite the tone of my skin to my computer's camera, I am not AS red as before.

Please understand that these changes are VERY small. I only notice them because I obviously see my body every day.



Notable Logs:
7/11/12: Began drinking homemade juice.
7/15/12: Started taking 500 mg of Vitamin B5.
7/24/12: Started taking 500 mg of L-Cartinine.
08/08/12: Oil Production on face vanished. Acne still persistent though

Vegetable Juice recipe:
-3 to 5 Carrot Sticks (peeled)
-2 to 3 Celery Stick (everything attached)
-1/2 Beet (skin on, leaves cut off for salad)
-1/2 Cucumber (peeled)
-1 Tomato (everything except stem butt)
-1 cm sliced Lemon (everything)

Hygiene Regime:
None. Only showering once a day and washing hair every other day.

- No Dairy.
- No Sugar (Excluding honey (tea) and natural peanut butter (fruit topping)).

- Sorry guys and gals, acne doesn't make me depressed nor am I stressed about much of anything else.
- I stretch/exercise around an hour a day and/or run 4-5 times a week. Still building a suitable exercising regime though.
- I only wear small amounts of make-up for my job, obviously to cover the largest and reddest of my acne legions.
- I maintain a normal sleep schedule (usually 8 hours a day).

Other pictures from the album

    Wow :)
    Looking much better . Your face is clearing up and it's not oily.
    I knew you would clear up! Maybe you won't get acne anymore, I hope.
    My skin is OK.. it is very smooth, but I still get some zits. Take care!
    Yeah this is so wonderful! I am so happy to see that you are clearing up. You deserve this so much! I am soooo happy for you. You are such a beautiful gal.
    Wow .. What an improvement in your skin. I've been trying the acne diet as well and it worked really well for me until I started taking one a day which had soy and it broke me out bad. Most vitamins do that. But your skin looks really good and your confidence is just amazing . I wish I could be like that . Keep smiling .��