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Before-cystic acne

cystic acne chin

Before-cystic acne

At one point I counted 10 cysts on my chin alone. It hurt to smile and eat. It was difficult to look people in the eye.

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    Love your smile :D
    I don't think people will notice your zits because you have a wonderful smile! I love it.
    Also, it isn't that bad!! Breaking out on chin isn't bad! At least you don't it on cheeks and forehead which leaves scarring :(
    Thanks! This is after using the regimeI do have some dark pigmented scaring on my chin. :/ The dermatologist said it would take a year or so to fade. I had pimples on my forehead (mostly small nodules and Acne cosmetica), but within a couple weeks of using the regimen they disappeared. :)
    ahh you smile is beautiful!! and your acne isn't that bad really...maybe look into spiro if you mainly get acne along your jawline?