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Acne Journey Day 1

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Acne Journey Day 1

Here is myself too embarrassed to show my entire face. I have some acne on my forehead but it is nothing compared to what I have currently on my cheeks Posted Image Once things calm down a bit I will show my entire face for everyone.

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    hang in there, ur not alone
    I know :) Thank you for you support. I feel like I always just want to give up haha but I have to keeping going!
    Yeah, I've been sufffering for 11 years and it sucks. 11 years of hell. That's a lot. It isn't over yet, not even close. I still get new breakouts and always getting new bumps under skin which will form . I have a lot of tiny bumps and they do form no matter what. Oh well, I'm gonna stop looking not to stress ;\
    I seriously think that you should at least try Dans Regimen! If my severe acne goes away within maybe two to three months you should heavily consider trying it. I would not even know what 11 years of suffering with acne would feel like but that would not be something I wold like to be going through. At all!
    keep fighting, hope you the best:)
    Tumeric, an Indian spice made from a root in the ginger family ground up has helped me alot with hyper pigmentation on my cheeks when topically applying the tumeric powder with coconut oil! I also ingest a table sppon of coconut oil along with 1/2 teaspoon of tumeric powder mixed every morning before I eat and before I go to sleep! (: It has antibacterial properties, antiinflamitory and it purifies the blood and liver It has incredibly helped my cyctic acne. ! Research it some (: It can stain your skin a little bit yellow but since it is fat soluble olive oil wash will take of the color and a egg white mask will shrink existing acne and smooth out skin (: maybe consider trying this..