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Graduated, Yay!

Graduated, Yay!

I finally graduated with a celebratory outbreak a week b4 Posted Image ahh well you can't have everything.

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    fuck you graduated, thats huge man... congratulations
    Thnx dude, It's been emotional :(
    loving the short hair, glasses and no facial hair.

    you're looking great.

    By the way, has anyone ever told you that you resemble Tom Cruise? Yeah, well, you do... only you look way better than him!
    Skin looks great to me.
    And congratulations! :(
    The resemblance to my ex is uncanny! Are you really tall too?

    BTW, congratulations! :(
    U remind me of Matthew McConaughey in this pic! your a cute guy!
    Thanx everyone, my ego is now attempting to take over my psyche :( Oh and Lexy, I'm 6ft 2in btw
    You remind me of James Franco in spiderman in this picture, don't lose those glasses and the smirk :(
    You guys seriously look like you could be twins, I thought you were him initially. He's 6'4". Maybe you guys are related :(