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june 28 2012

june 28 2012

My right cheek was clear of cysts / red marks as seen in previous pictures taken afew months ago.

Since my mother passed away 3 months ago i'v had the odd cyst pop up on my right cheek, mainly from not using my benzamycin cream....

I really need to stop picking my skin.

- Positive thing I have noticed, my complexion (skin coloring) is quite nice lately. Normally it is blotchy and gross looking, but it seems to be a consistent color lately, I do not know if this is from my DIY vitamin c serum, green tea on my skin, or just from diet / not smoking.

Other pictures from the album

    Quite right to look on the positive side and your skin tone is looking great so that's worth focusing on. I reckon if you can refrain from picking - always easier said than done, I know - things might soon calm down.

    Plus if there are other factors which may calm down and you can get back into your regimen, you'll soon get the better of it.

    So sorry to hear about your Mother by the way. I hope you're doing alright, or at least as best you can, given the circumstances.