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My Acne Today

My Acne Today

Worst it had been in awhile.  Verge of tears.

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    Awh, don't be sad, I am sure everything will get better. I totally support you. :)
    Plus, your acne isn't even bad. You just need to find what works best for your skin.
    It's not that bad. I used to have it worse! Spot treat it with ACV :)
    hey bro sorry its really rought right now... many pics I've taken where I just smiled for the heck of it, though I was hurting deeply. Acne sucks like no other... pm me if you ever need to vent. I rememember the pain and embarrassment like it was yesterday.
    hang in there ok
    Does not look bad :) Try Dan Kerns Regimen!
    It looks very irritating indeed. Please hang in there.

    And at least you're not so red like the rest of us -_-...