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Day 1;

acne scars acne depression

Day 1;

Day one:
I feel soooooo nervous about posting this... but I am also feeling confident, because I have courage that this will get better. I just have to give it time.

I wash with Purpose Gentle Cleansing wash.
I dry my face gently after rinsing.
Then I carefully mix my 5% BP with my Olay Complete UV moisture cream with SPF 15.
After that I wait a few minutes and then use a cotton Q-tip and soak it in fresh lemon juice and apply to scars gently.

It is the same routine above, but I use Clean and Clear dual action moisturizer instead. Posted Image

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    Aww, don't be nervous Ashley, you're in good company here. Nobody's going to say anything nasty or negative so don't worry about that. Besides, you're pretty and I reckon your skin's in great shape so you've every right to show it.

    Sure, maybe there are problems you can deal with and areas that you're not happy with, but like you say, it will get better and you're taking positive steps to improve things so give yourself credit for that.

    Best of luck! :)