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New Start

New Start

Got myself a new haircut for 2012. Hasn't been this short for about 10 years and it feels a bit strange but I like it. Might even go shorter next time.
Clear skin, new look, new start.

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    Aww! That's amazing. Sounds like a new fresh start for a new year. The new haircut really suits you ( I checked out your older photos - long hair looked really great too! ). So good luck! :>
    :wub: Thanks! I was never really sure about the longer hair to be honest, started to think that it wasn't doing me any favours and it made me kind of anxious so I figured it was time for a change and it felt pretty symbolic too. :)
    Yay Paul! Obviously the changes you've made are really helping! Btw, looks like you have good teeth for being English :-o congrats. Now welcome 2012!
    :lol: Cheeky! Yes, I do have pretty good teeth, had braces when I was younger and got them sorted out. I make sure I take good care of them too, only get one lot!

    I don't know for sure what it is that's working the most but I assume it's the supplements and the diet changes because things were still kind of average when I was doing the Doxy on its own. Just hoping that things down go downhill when I come off the Doxy in a couple of months. For now, I might as well not worry and just enjoy being totally clear. I like the sound of that... totally clear. It's about freakin' time! :P
    Awesome! you totally deserve it :)
    The shorter haircut suits you Paul, and your skin looks great :) Id say a very good start to 2012 x
    Aw, kind of you to say so. :)

    Yep, it's been a good start I think. The fact that I've managed to put things in motion and actually get clear by the start of 2012 as planned threw me - I'm not used to things going my way! :lol:

    Of course, there are plenty of things which those changes themselves don't alter - confidence and so on, plus I need to get out there and start meeting new people, find myself a job, and such like - but it's the first step towards building things up and putting things in motion. My skin was always on my mind and I always allowed it to hold me back, influence what I did or didn't do, and influence my moods. If I can maintain things as they are, that negative influence is removed and it leaves me to focus on positive things and moving forward instead.

    All being well, if things still look as they do in this picture by the time I add another blog entry or whatever, I'll have been about six weeks clear. I've had a few spots since Christmas week but I'm talking maybe four or five at the most which is obviously nothing remotely like persistent acne. The funny thing is, my expectations have increased so I still manage to get annoyed by or feel upset by the odd pimple, but I am learning to let it go and, well, care less I suppose.

    The other good thing about it is that, generally speaking, when I look in a mirror in the morning, things are the same as they were the night before, or vice versa. I don't even know what it's like to experience that so it feels pretty weird. I've always felt like my biggest insecurity was that, by definition, my appearance would change almost on a daily basis if I was breaking out, so I was never sure of what I looked like or how I appeared to others. But now, what I see most days when I look in the mirror is become more and more familiar. Even if I don't see myself as being especially good looking or whatever, what I see is becoming comfortable and that's all I've wanted for the last thirteen years so I'm happy.