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December 2011

December 2011

This is my attempt at my other side. Again this is with my webcam in lighting that actually hides a lot of the redness. This picture actually makes my skin look better then it is. I will try to get real camera pics up soon. But you can see the bumps, lovely infected pimples. 6 days in.

Other pictures from the album

    Hey! Looks like a bit of inflammation. The camera does hide a lot doesn't it? I try to take photos but it always hides a lot of the redness (some spots don't even show up on the picture). That can be good and bad, hahaha.

    Good luck!
    Yeah, it is weird because especially after a shower my face is a red spot mess and it doesn't really show all that well. Yeah my doctor said from the start it was an infection but I didn't respond to antibiotics so 2 months later accutane. Thanks (: