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Week 5 -14 Oct 2011 - Dan's Regimen

Week 5 -14 Oct 2011 -  Dan's Regimen

I have a pimple on my temple that is just a scab that wont heal. Nothing to do with me picking at it every couple of days. No no, nothing at all. Mark on my nose is just an indentation mark from my glasses. Happens sometimes for some unknown reason.....

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    Hi, i tried this regime mOnths ago....i found it left me with indents where it dried my spot out! Even after not using it for months a spot leaves a dent in the place bp was applied Are you experiencing this at all? Btw your skin looks so much better! :)
    No not at all Natalie, my skin is really smooth. But I've been lucky that I have never had indented or pitting scars from any of my acne over the years. Now that I'm into week 5 I'm not having much of a reaction from the BP at all. Redness and flakiness is gone and the AHA+ has helped a lot with pigmentaton. Maybe I've just had a lucky experience?

    What are you using now?