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    Hi guys, do you see any improvement from May?

    I'm trying to... I spent about 1.5grand on it!!! (3 more sessions to go) :(
    Yes, I do notice a pretty big difference. In fact, I registered to tell you that :(
    Wow... thanks!!! I needed that.... made my day!

    Ricky :(
    :angel: Your face looks so much better! I see a pretty big improvement! Congrats and have fun this summer with your clear skin! :(

    Yes your skin looks so much better from May till now. Btw can I know waht is this LHE treatment? Is this a blue/red light treatment that can help cure mild/moderate acne?

    Pls reply as I am interested in some laser treatment to help cure my mild acne issues.
    I see alot of improvement. Congradulation. Sorry what is it that you used?
    I see improvement. In just a little bit you will be totally clear.
    How much does the whole treatment cost?
    About USD900... for 10 sessions. My aesthetician threw in facials and extractions + tea tree oil ampoules. :(