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Day 1 again

Day 1 again

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    I had acne very, very similar acne to yours.
    I first used antibiotics and though they seemed to work good
    after a few years my body became resistant and the acne returned
    Now i'm currently using a topical retinoid [isotrex]
    other topical retinoids include RetinA and Differin
    I think you'd be a perfect candidate for that
    if not try the regime
    Yeah, same here with the antibiotics. I was on Tetra at first, then Minocycline, then back to Tetra because all troops had to take this while in Iraq, to prevent disease from inhailing the dust over there(sandstorms were crazy)

    I have been on retin-A as well, irritated my skin. Havent tried Differin, might look into it.
    Yea I hear RetinA irritates a lot of peoples skin
    When i overdosed on Isotrex it took 2 weeks for my skin to adapt
    Just remember Topical Retinoids need to be used on a continual basis
    Try not not miss out on an application
    and it took me literally 3 months to get clear [82 days exactly i thin]
    Give it at least 3 months before you give up
    A lot of people dont relize non-allerigc reactionary acne take 2-3 months to form
    So you have to give most topical agents at least 2 months before you decided to throw them away.