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right side of face

right side of face

I hate this part! It's just so.. i don't know. All that crap is from BP and tazorac. I'm sort of hoping this won't be permanent because I have had acne like this for maybe less than half a year... also I think the sun may have colored it up a little. Last friday I went to see a derm and he prescribed me doxycycline, evoclin and differin. I also got some injections.

Maybe it's just me but I think I am seeing a very slight improvement even though its only been 3 days.. initial breakouts suck too, never had a single mark under my jaw..

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    i have pretty much the same acne as you, infact i look similar to you... i bet alot of those pimples are popped or sapped. when they first form they probably have a white center and the head just gets bigger throughout the day? i also have no acne on my nose or forehead or under my eyes, alot like you. just cheeks
    Yeah, well I have acne on my forehead but i don't really care about it because hair covers it so... I have like never had a pimple on my nose .. maybe last time in like 2 or 3 years.. funny thing is that I always used to squeeze the blackheads out of my nose.. antibiotics are giving me my first jaw pimples..

    Ya you got it right about the formation, but now my acne is sorta changing, I get bumps, which sorta feel like bruises, but they have no heads.