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My back, don't really have anything on here.

My back, don't really have anything on here.

Other pictures from the album

    eh where's the bacne?
    Sorry I'm guess I shouldn't of uploaded this, but it was the only one I could upload, later I'm going to upload pictures of my face.

    When I was younger I had some bacne, so I thought you could maybe see marks of it. That was the only reason I uploaded it.

    You know how your camera takes like 2590x1690 pixel pictures? I couldn't upload them and this is the only one I could.
    If that was the only reason why you uploaded it. Why are you flexing trying to strike a pose. Pathetic really
    It was something I took the other day for my progress logs of muscle developement.
    heya! hows the marks going? any improvement? im finding them sooooo hard to get rid of :angel:
    all the best
    ps nice back hehe :(
    hey dude! yea 4th day and the marks ARE fading.. the pimples on my face are basically gone, no new ones for 4 days! what can I say, I'm happy..

    The first day it sucked when I used moisturizer, since I had previously never used moisturizer, and it showed me how bad the tazorac had made it, and the dry flakes were really covering up my face. I'm going to the beach soon and after that I'm planning to get some new pics.
    Pretty sure he wasn't showing off, guys, lol. Even if he was, if you got something to show, might as well. people don't work out to impress themselves...I take that back, those crazy dudes who take Steroids and think that they'll die without lifting weights do it for themselves...so they say....Crazy bastards.