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Please leave comments :D

Please leave comments :D

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    See if you can combine your B5 with a topical acne. Your type of acne can be hard to defeat, I know that because my type of acne in the past was almost the same as yours, only a bit more severe.

    I cleared up with a combination of facials, antibiotics, and benzoil peroxide based creams like benzamycin.

    you have good facial features, once you clear up, you would be very attractive to others. Especially if you are confident. if you have scarring or whatever, don't , please don't let that bother you. You need to admit that you are not perfect. Once you do that, you'll be happy.

    10% of life is what happens, 90% is how you react to it.

    im gonna unregister from this site very soon, if you wanna chat, my MSN is hernanthecapo@hotmail
    Hey thanks for leaving a comment :angel: I like to know what people think of me hehehe. Yeah i might do that Ive been searching around my bottom draw and found a tube of "PanOxyl, Acnegel 10" which has got 10% Benzoyl peroxide init :dance: I guess that could help out but it leaves my face all dry and flakey cuz i have quite oily skin :( so could you recommend me a good mositerzier? Being that Im in the UK I'm not quite sure which ones are for acne.
    back and chest look fine...Just gotta have a little faith and patiance and i'm sure your face will get better.Try taking some strong anitboatics, dont know if your already on them or not.
    I don't recommend 10% BP andi, it is too harsh. Probably the best one is benzaclin, benzamycin or that retin-A because 2.5% BP is probably too weak to combat moderate/severe acne.

    you could use 10% though in your back and shoulders, the skin irritates less in those areas.