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right side # 1

right side # 1

i wish my skin looked this good in reality. must have been a trick of the light. in this photo you can see the red spot on my forehead, my only forehead break out in about 2 weeks. its definately getting better.

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    Hey, I see an awesome improvement! Your skin has certainly cleared up heaps! Just keep at it ok, because each day it gets better and better! :drool: :drool: :P
    Wow. And I don´t think it´s the lighting that´s making your skin look so smooth. There is definite improvement. It´s awesome!

    Your skin looks really good, are you from New Zealand?
    Well , after almost a years absence I am back on the boards and soon to be back on the Regimen. I am reinspired by seeing this photo.... i had forgotten how clear my skin had become using Dan's BP gel. Now my skin looks like the pasty pale and spotty photo of my forehead once more. And its definately my fault !!!

    So watch this space. I will post some new photos as soon as i can find my old camera phone ... and load the software onto my new computer ... if i even still have the disks.

    Moving Sucks :( Moving 3 times in under a year sucks even more :angel:

    And yes, I am in NZ. South Island now, previously on the North Island.