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I've never done this before...

I've never done this before...

Alright, here it is. Some people seem to think because my skin looks great in pics, it's not bad at all. This is NOT the reality. Makeup and lighting can do a lot of things. So... this is me. Vulnerable as ever. I'm a picker, so that's why they're all red marks. Plus some scabbing at the top left, and the big thing in the middle of my head... yes, that's a zit. I'm pushing myself to stay away from touching it or I know I'll have major damage.
I do have a small ice pick scar near my nose; I don't think it's visible here. The two on the left were picked even after scabbing so I'm terrified, I think those will scar because they're mainly indentations now.
I have no makeup on here aside from some eyeliner I couldn't get off with cleansing. I don't do anything for my skin now except cleanse in the morning with a face scrub and at night with a different one.

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    You're cute with and without makeup! I like your nose btw... Hehe.
    Awh haha <3
    I hate my nose :D
    Thanks anyways lol
    lyssa so what your doing for your acne atm?! the regimen or something else?
    aww you still look good!! I love how you describe yourself as vulnerable, that's cute and so true!
    you are brave, and also very cute
    youre beautiful... with or without acne :D
    Thanks guys. haha.

    @ Adam - nothing, but I'm participating in a dairy challenge Jan 1st. No dairy for a couple weeks after that :D lol
    Awhh omg ur a cutie:) and yes ur nose is adorable dont hate it :D u have cute features
    awh thanks :D
    Brave girl.

    We have the same type of acne I guess. Or at least you scar the way I do.