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ME At 16th May 2005

ME At 16th May 2005

Minocycline hasnt taken long to act.

The pipmles on my cheek are still there. Too early to expect n e thing yet. lol
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    You REALLY remind me of someone... :drool:
    You're not Irish, by any chance? :P

    I don't see much wrong with your skin. You'll be perfick if no time. :drool:

    All the best,

    - Some hippeh-child. :drool:
    you look very attractive and there is not much problem with your acne.

    All I can say is good look battling acne both physically and emotionally, once you are past that, Im sure that many ladies would find you attractive.

    Keep us updated with your minocycline progress
    Please refrain from posting gay content on this board, it surely creates a rather uncomfortable atmosphere for the orginal poster.
    no im not irish lol

    and as nice as the comments are no gay content pls :P
    Not that theres anything wrong with that
    hahahaha seinfeld line

    agree tho
    Whoa u took that on Miss Janet Jacksons bday!!!
    U look amazing
    I wouldnt worry to much about it im sure the minomycin will kick in
    good luck!