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May 16 2005

May 16 2005

The regimen has done its work!
Many thanks 2 dan and all on the forum Posted Image

Other pictures from the album

    wow looking great :P
    Yes! Your skin looks much better compared to the other pictures! Dans thing seems to be working well! :P
    Congrats on your skin being clear!You look great!You kindda look like Tom Cruise in that picture :P
    yeah, you kinda do! youre channeling a hugh grant/tom cruise for me though!
    Great Progress! Well done! And you're a good-looking guy too, if I may add. :drool: :drool: :drool: :P
    You're too kind (sniff) I love you all :P
    OMG, you look almost exactly like my ex-boyfriend. I thought you were him for a minute, but different color of eyes.
    Freaky lexy ;)

    Wow nice skin or what, congratulations!