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ME At 12th May 2005

ME At 12th May 2005

This is me on my first day of the minocycline and eryacne (erythromycin) treatment.

As you can its not serious acne.

And this is a bad pic cos i just got my haircut Posted Image

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    Hi! Excuse me but.... what are you doing here? You look great!! :P :drool: :drool: I don't see any acne at all and I don't think it's a good idea to be treating something that isn't there.
    I can see some acne, around the chin area for example. It's very mild and should respond well to your treatments. Good luck!
    Thank you,
    Yes i know the camera doesnt show it all up there is some on the cheek/nose area.
    What a hottie!! :P
    Your acne is so mild, like mine really... I still hate it though, you know what I mean. :drool:
    Anyways, good luck with everything hun.
    you are one hot looking stud.. kinda life ahmmm australian nice man better get em ladies while its hot
    huh what do you mean? im a new zealander?? but thanks :P