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So this is me on day # ? I forget. I am still using Provon. I love it. I have just recently started dabbeling with minerals make up and here is what it looks like. I am very impressed. Posted Image Oh and meet my chihuahua Baby.

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    WOW your skin looks really clear! :P I just ordered some mineral makeup the other day. I cant' wait for it to get here so I can try it out!!

    PS... your dog is sooo cute!!
    Yeah, that kind of makeup saved me! It looks good!

    I have a chihuahua too! She's 2 now, but shes still 3.5 lbs! Yours is adorable! :P
    looks like you photoshoped yourself.. :P
    You will love the minerals! I can not believe how well it covers. It feels so light and looks so natural. I still have some pimples but you can see the minerals hid it pretty well. I have never looked as good as I do in this make up.

    Thanks! My Chi is like one of my children. Her name is baby.
    y'all are cute :P
    You look great!!! Your pup is cute! I want to get a teacup chi and name it Trinket!!!! ( one day!!!!) What minerals do you use?
    I use Jlynne Minerals. They are great! As for Chi's there is no such thing as a tea cup chi. Its a phrase breeders use to get more money out of the smaller chihuahuas. Be very careful. Also smaller Chi's are very delicate. Good luck to you!~