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Post-Subcision/TCA Cross (Chemical Reconstruction Scarred Sk



Post-Subcision/TCA Cross (Chemical Reconstruction Scarred Sk

This photo of my right cheek was taken on April 14, 2009 29 days after my initial treatment.

Personally, I feel that this photo shows dramatic improvement over the baseline photo taken on February 18, 2009.

The subcision and TCA Cross Methods appear to have worked.  :)  The subcision appears to have released the fibrous bands which were holding down my skin and created the scarred appearance.

I am THRILLED with these results and I am grateful that I found this website.  I have had these scars for eleven years and would "cringe" when I would see my appearance under harsh lighting due to the shadows the scars cast.

Some factors that I think may account for the success I've had with subcision and TCA Cross Method include:

1) the power of prayer.  Thank you God for my  healing!
2) the power of a good dermatoligical surgeon who did his research and skillfully treated my skin
3) the power of good nutrition:  I take 1000 mg of Vitamin C daily, 50 mg of Zinc daily, and take probiotics.  I want to encourage all of you to do some research on probiotics as I believe that played a key role in the rapid response and healing of my skin.
4) I use EMU oil every night on my skin along with Retin A .10 strength.
5) I workout twice a week
6) Use sunscreen to protect my skin

I hope that my pictures will give hope to the hopeless.

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    Wow. Just wow. This is incredible. Thank you so much for documenting and sharing your experience with this. It is unbelievably helpful.


    I know you posted these a long time ago but I was curious as to how you found a good dermatological surgeon that you trusted to do these procedures? Did you go through your insurance provider or pay out of pocket?  

    I went to my dermatologist whom I trusted and brought the research about subcision and asked him if he would perform the procedure on my face and he agreed to do so. He is an outstanding dermatological surgeon and I knew that the would be an extremely simple procedure for him to learn and master. I paid for all of these procedures out of pocket as my insurance company does not cover cosmetic procedures.