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5 days after

5 days after

5 days after ....

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    2 words - Yummy Mummy!
    Christ you're fit
    :drool: Wow! You look awesome. I am so happy that needling worked so well for you! Thanks you to, I am definately going to look into it.

    :P Please do me a favor though. I am a tattoo artist and have been well trained in the irreversable damage that improper use of a machine can do to the skin, especially in regard to a rotary machine. This damage, including tearing, can be disfiguring. Please be sure to clarify that this should ONLY be done by a licensed permanent cosmetics (micropigmentation) artist and not by a regular tattoo artist or person at home. Thanks!
    I think you look beautiful, too. I have a similar probelm. When I read your description of your scars, it immediately hit home. Is needling the technical term for your procedure? What were the potential risks?

    You look GREAT!! I would love to have similar results!

    nice pics..

    You look great! Congratulations on your success! :D I'm interested in trying needling on a couple scars; how much did it cost you? Was the cost per scar treated or for larger areas?

    Looking good!

    Glad it worked for you, gives me hope for myself as well! :)

    Wow your skin is looking amazing. Can you give us an explanation on the needling treatment ?