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full face shot

full face shot

Full face view, 3 days after needling

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    Hello nurse...

    I'm having trouble breathing, need CPR please he.he.he... :P
    Obi, you totally crack me up! :lol2:
    :P Wow, you are b-e-a-utiful. Your skin looks wonderful and what a smile.
    Awwww, thanks guys. You're sweet. :redface2: You know what to say to a girl. Believe me though, my skin is a constant battle.
    Now I finally remember who you look like in this picture....kinda like a blonde version of Minnie Driver (with a nice/kind eyes).

    Wow! It looks as if you have never had acne! Were you scared to do needling? Do doctors perform this?

    I only have like 11 scars. They are sort of randomly located on my face. Do you think that needling could work for me? Are there any risks of it making more scars or the scars more noticeable?

    My acne has been cleared up for four years now. Actually, it was never really that bad. I just picked at the blemishes and made sores that got infected, thus I have scars.

    Since i've been clear for four years, I'm ready to make a move in fixing the scars. I just don't know which move/ treatment to make. I would appreciate any advice.