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Accutane success!! I couldn't be happier Posted Image Minus the funny gaze in this picture, I am finally no longer ashamed to show my FACE. I'm wearing makeup to cover up red spots but I haven't had a blemish since Thanksgiving. My derm is going to put me on Retin-A...thank God for Accutane. I should have done this earlier.

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    WOW Gypsy, you look completely awesome! i remember you from aways back! you started the tane a few weeks before me, i was wondering how you were doing, its nice to see an update! anyways, skin looks STUNNING! im SO glad the accutane has worked for you; it is for me too! ENJOY your new skin, youve earned it!
    OMG!!! Your lips are gorgeous...CONGRATULATIONS on your success :P .
    wow ... you look really beautiful :P . Congratulations :drool:
    rrrrooowww baby. You go on with your sexy self!
    Have you ever had a lip augmentation? I am so freaking jealous of your lips! I want to get mine done, I'm taking your picture in for them to do it like yours!
    Thanks for the compliments :drool:

    No lip enhancement for me...this is the reward I get for having endured my brother calling me "fish face" while growing up :P

    Yay for Accutane!!!!!!!!!
    wow, you are very pretty :drool: the accutane worked miracles for me too... HURRAY FOR ACCUTANE :P
    WOW.. your beautiful like a model!!
    Great results. You kinda look like Rose Mcgowan