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More pics w/ makeup

More pics w/ makeup

Thank goodness for makeup, eh? :cry:

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    You look so great Mandy. :D

    Your such a makeup PRO! :dance:
    You are a doll!
    Your really good with make upIt looks like if you dont have any marks :D Wish I could be as good with it too and too stay alot of time and not get all oily after a few hours n apply it back lol
    Wow! I'm jealous of your skin. It's beautiful.
    wow, your results are wonderful! thank god for accutane =)
    Your puuurrty

    i wish i could use makeup like you! i LOVE makeup but never wear it as i feel a little funny, and am paranoid as hell its going to smudge!
    You know what I use to cover all my red marks...it's a really good tinted moisturizer by Cosmedicine, works wonders evening the skin out. Then I use Bare Minerals and I just buff it into the skin. It's great!
    Wow...youre hot :D
    Wow its incredible the progress you have made, i checked on every photo and i can say it's one of the best improvements i've even seen and you are so pretty