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pre-tane and now (other side)

pre-tane and now (other side)

This is how bad my skin got pre-tane. I don't even know what happened... one day I got strep throat, took some penicillin.. and my skin exploded and spread like wildfire within a week.. and I was then left with that.

Since I was unable to cover it up with makeup, let alone even sleep at night since it was so painful.. I ended up getting homeschooled for the last 2 months of my senior year and high school and didn't see any of my friends for about 3 months.

My skin is obviously doing good on accutane right now... I have almost no acne at all right now.. just a lot of depressing redness. I am able to make my skin look wonderful with the help of makeup though. :cry:

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    It is very interesting that you got strep throat, then took penicillin and THEN your face really exploded....you look great now though! Very Pretty. Maybe we should blame penicillin? lol
    Yeah well i think your allergic to penicill but you might already know that lol.When I was little I had a fever and my grandma and I went to the doctor to get a shot of penicill so I'll get better and then next day I woke up I went to the bathroom and under my bellybutton where your underwear should be I had kinda spots like that I was like WTF but I was like 7 years old so didnt know what it was.Found out I was allergic to it...Hope I'll never come across taking penicillin again :dance:

    Other than that your skin looks really good from how it was Good Luck girl :D
    Thanks you two! I can guarantee you guys that I will NEVER EVER EVER be taking penicillin again. :D
    They look like freckles~ You can probably go out now without makeup in my opinion =|
    That's odd...my boyfriend has had strep 3 times this month and it triggered something called guttate psoriasis, which is caused by the strep. He broke out in red bumps all over his body and forehead. He had a tonselectomy yesterday.
    I also am allergic to penicillin!

    You are a beautiful girl and definetly don't need the make up.
    Maybe God realised that he made you too beautiful and wanted to change things because it was making all the other girls look bad, but fuck him. He didn't count on accutane being around, go science, wooo!