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pre-tane and now

pre-tane and now

This is how bad my skin got pre-tane.  I don't even know what happened... one day I got strep throat, took some penicillin.. and my skin exploded and spread like wildfire within a week.. and I was then left with that.

Since I was unable to cover it up with makeup, let alone even sleep at night since it was so painful.. I ended up getting homeschooled for the last 2 months of my senior year and high school and didn't see any of my friends for about 3 months.

My skin is obviously doing good on accutane right now... I have no acne at all right now.. just a lot of depressing redness.  I am able to make my skin look wonderful with the help of makeup though. :cry:

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    Doesn't even look like acne so much...maybe more like a reaction to the drug you were taking?

    Doesn't even look like acne so much...maybe more like a reaction to the drug you were taking?

    That's exactly what I was thinkiong.. my family thinks the same thing
    jesus mandy i had no idea you got that bad! im glad its turned out alright for you now :D
    yea its gotta be a reaction. I hope you keep fighting strong my prayers go out to you
    OUCH! Poor you.

    Although i would have to agree with everyone else. That does look like you have a reaction to something rather than a breakout.

    But it looks like ur on your way to getting clear.
    just reading up on other peoples 'experiences' and found yours very intruiging as i too suffered a sudden explosion of v.severe acne all over my face within the space of a week, although mine was brought on by an infection although how sudden it is makes me wonder. I also suffered the social seclusion like you did. i would not leave the house during the whole 8 months of my accutane treatment and deferred my first year at university because of it. i know you'll know how dark these times feel but well on an encouraging note, it works wonders, as your photos show!! i hope everything goes perfectly for you because i feel i understand completely your pain.

    Holy crap, that is amazing! Congrats Mandy!
    Is that all active acne, or redmarks? It's hard to tell.

    You must be SO strong to have gotten through it. Looking much better in the accutane shot though, and your natural beauty makes up for any red marks :D