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When my skin used to be sexy months back

When my skin used to be sexy months back

This was taken probably like 9 months ago maybe..... and I actually thought my skin was crappy back then :cry:  Pre-severe breakout.

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    wow, im sorry you had to go through that, but your skin looks pretty good now. accutane is a miracle!
    thats a nice profile, you're a pretty girl
    I couldn't help but notice that your breakout areas seem to be where your hair is resting on the sides of your face. This could be a big cause of getting breakouts.
    Amazing how that stuff works well im on tazorac 0.05% gel.doxycycline100mg,and zoderm face wash all persribed ... how it works ..... as your skin is looking amazing
    WOW you must be so strong to have gone through that.But your skin looks fab now congratulations.
    She is very strong. I call her the Acne.org mascot, she's been through so much but has always been positive and hopeful. We love her! :D
    WOW. You look incredible.

    I'm SO happy for you. :D