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Start of week nine

Start of week nine

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    Incredible results.
    This are the best holistic results I've seen so far. I've done probiotics and diet changes without results in the past. What are you doing?
    That was all mainly from the following things

    Eating more smaller meals (4 a day instead of 3)
    Not drinking with meals (leaving 30 mins to an hour between)
    Only drinking filtered water (no calorie drinks)
    Chewing my food properly (till it's mush)
    Avoid caffeine, processed foods, refined flour, refined sugar, mouldy foods
    Limit hard to digest foods
    Eat some more fruit & veg

    One a day multi vitamin & mineral
    Fish oil 2.7g a day
    Anti Parasite herbs
    Anti Candida herbs
    Colon cleanse (oxy-powder)

    Skin Care
    Stop using toners, moisturisers, acne topicals
    Use only natural, simple, parabaen free face wash
    Use a natural scrub twice a week
    Wash with warm, splash with cold
    Only wash morning and night

    That cleared up my forehead acne, and improved the rest of my acne. I still have some around the neck, jawline - and i'm trying different things to improve this. Any questions feel free to message me!
    omg your skin looks really,really good!!!!! :dance: keep going! i wish you the best :D