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June 18

June 18

Started treatment on Jan 14, 2007 and finlly it's all cleared up... i have a bunch of scars but i dont mind them. I look a lot better then I did before, i have 1 more week of pills cause the Derm said he was only giving me 5 months cause he saw the progress. Plus im taking 2 pills everyday except monday wed, and fridays. They're 40 Mg Accutane! I will post more pics with a better cam case this is from my cell.... let me know what u guys think... oh ya I still have redness but my derm said it will fade and blend in after time... and about the scars im gonna start saving to do a micro-drmabrasion o a chemical peel...

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    that's awesome!
    you look awesome! congrats
    Very nice ,

    I need a job and save to get rid of my scars.

    i am glad you got better.. is so clear

    your acne is completely gone , can it grow more?

    I use proactiv solution i heard if u stop using will break out

    , what did you use to get rid of acne! >_>
    hey i just looked at all your pics from the beginning to the end
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! :D its been a long road...
    today you are looking great, i hope u are out having fun and enjoying ur clear skin
    Nice work!

    Hey I gotz shades too ya know! >;\