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June 17, 2007 Update

June 17, 2007 Update

Hi all. It has been quite some time and I've found myself not really worried about acne.

Things are alright. I'm breaking out again and this time I've absolutely said no to antibiotics. I'm on nystatin right now (antifungal) and my MD doctor who believes in hollistic health will have me on it for quite some time. I'm getting a bunch of blood tests.

I am taking a colon fibre cleaners right now with Aloe Vera. I'm also taking probiotics, multivitamins and B-complex.

I read a while back a book called Acne Cure, and it got me to try
1. Salicylic acid morning and night 2. Benzoyl Peroxide at evening 3. Glycolic Acid in the morning 4. Ice BP at night

It did a bit but stopped because it's not getting down to the root cause. I'm really thinking I need to balance my body. I'm also thinking of ditching Benzoyl Peroxide (I'm using Dan's BP). I'll see how things are.

Acne has been quite the battle. It took quite a toll on me a couple of years ago, and I can understand how it affects the mind (see previous pics).

In the big picture, what does it all mean when we grow old, wrinkled up, and frail. Can't always look good because time is against us, so got to live free from concern. Got to live live to the fullest. I wish to impart to you strength to do what you love and not to let acne or any other thing get in the way. (Everyone is Free To Wear Sunscreen).

Take care all.

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